Student Community Council

School Community Council

SCC 2020/2021 School Year


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To have an impact on what the CSCC does to help your children receive the best education possible.


The SCC is a dedicated group of parents, school staff and administrator that meets several times a year to share ideas and information about Sacred Heart / Sacré Coeur.  The SCC provides opportunities to examine school issues and to be involved in programming discussions.  The SCC discusses and collaboratively makes decisions that may affect fundraising, safety, student activities, student achievement, and school improvement. 

Meeting take place in the school and are open to the public, parents and community members are welcome and encouraged to attend meetings and support school programs and special events.

SCC Meeting Minutes

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SCC Members

Chair - Jennifer Johnston
Vice - Chair Christa Walton
Treasurer - Megan Vanstone
Secretary / Communication - Katherine Kawecki
Nutrition - Jade Fichter 
Nutrition - Lisa Grimes 
Special Events - Alisa Mosley
Fundraising - 
Principal - Amber Hilstrom 
Teacher Liaison - Anne Elder
Parish - Liaison Bev Hickie

School Community Council Activity


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Sacred Heart / Sacré Coeur SCC Constitution

Division Contact Info

Dominic Place
#103 - 433 4th Street N.E.
Weyburn, SK S4H 0Y8

Sacred Heart Contact Info

1846 Gibbs Road
Estevan, SK. S4A 1Y2

Sacred Heart