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Student Services Counselling

Holy Family has registered Social Workers providing school based counseling services to our school division. Students enrolled in our Holy Family School Division have access to counseling services.

School Social Workers provide school based services to support students with school based mental health and well-being. School Counseling is intended to be a short term service (4-8 sessions or group) for students.

Student Services


Referrals are accepted for the following school based concerns:

School Related Behavior (aggression, defiance, impulsivity)

School Related Relational problems (bullying, teasing, difficulty making friends)

Low self-esteem, negative thinking patterns, self-defeating behaviors

Depression, withdrawal

Grief and Bereavement

Truancy/Missing School

Risk Assessment-self harm, suicide

Divorce and Separation Program-Group Format

Trauma and Anxiety Program-Group Format

Student Services

Our School Social Workers also

  • Act as a liaison between home and school and help facilitate communication and support with both student environments.
  • Act as a liaison for families who are receiving services from outside agencies (Mental Health, Social Services, Community Programs).
  • Advocate and assist families with referrals to appropriate community supports when school resources are limited or needs do not meet the identified school based concerns.

Student Services

How to Access Counselling Services/Referral Process?


For Teachers and School Staff:

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Teachers can refer students for services (with parental knowledge/consent) by contacting their Learning Facilitator. The Learning Facilitator will complete necessary paperwork and presents the referral at the RTI meeting. If approved, parental consent form will be sent home for parent(s) to complete. Once returned, referral will be given to school counsellor for further assessment.

For Parent/Guardian Referrals:

Parents can refer their child for school counselling by contacting the School Social Worker at hour child’s school or your child’s classroom teacher.
If you contact the School Social Worker, she will discuss with you if the referral is appropriate for school counselling. The School Social Worker can assist parents in making referrals to more appropriate services if school services are deemed to be not suitable. If the referral is accepted, the School Social Worker will process this request through the RTI team and a consent form will be sent home to be completed and returned prior to services commencing.
If you contact your child’s classroom teacher, the referral will be processed through the RTI team. If the referral is appropriate for school counseling, a consent form will be sent home to you to complete. Once the referral is accepted and consent form returned, one of our School Social Workers will be in contact with you.
Counseling services will be prioritized once the consent form has been completed and returned. The School Social Worker will meet with the student to assess what level of service delivery will best suit the student’s needs. Parents will be informed of the type of service delivery after the assessment has taken place.
Parents are encouraged to be a part of their child’s counselling support plan and goals. Parents can contact the School Social Worker to discuss options for this.

Student Services

Response to Intervention (RTI) Model of Counselling Service Delivery

Tier 1

  • Classroom Support
  • Whole class lessons and presentations
  • Student and/or peer observations
  • Teacher consultations and support

Tier 2

  • Small Groups-in person or virtual
  • Targeted skill development with small groups/peers

Tier 3

  • Individualized Counselling and Case Management
  • One on one counselling with student
  • Consultation and Coordination with parents, teachers, RTI team, other professionals (Mental Health, Occupational Therapist, Autism Consultant)

Status of Service Delivery

Active-student is being seen by School Social Worker and receiving direct series through either a Tier 1, 2 or 3 support.
Monitoring-student is not actively seeing School Social Worker directly. The School Social Worker remains in contact with school team and observes student’s interaction and functioning over a period of time.
Consult-could involve a classroom observation, check in with the student or consultation with the classroom teacher. Not actively receiving any services.
Dismissed-all services have been concluded for the student. No further services will be offered and student will be removed from caseload.

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