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Supply Lists

Sacred Heart

Grade 8E Supply List


1 3” Heavy Duty binders

1 pkgs. of subject dividers 

2 Duotangs

6 pkgs. Looseleaf

1 package of Graph paper

1 Geometry Set for Art

1 30 Cm. Ruler                           

Boxes of Kleenex

1 Package of Pencil Crayons

1 Glue Stick            

1 Pair Good Scissors

1 Set of Markers

2 Black Sharpie

3 Red Marking Pens

2 Expo Low odor dry erase chisel tip marker (Black)

10 Pens (Blue Ink)

20   Pencils 

2 White Erasers

1 Pencil Case

1 Scientific Calculator (needs a π button)

1 S hook

1 Lysol Wipes

1 Set of Headphones for the Computer

1 Pair of gym shoes (non marking soles) to keep indoors.

1 Proper change of outfit (gym clothes) that meets school dress code (no spaghetti straps or short shorts)

1 Pair of outside shoes (suitable for Phys. Ed.)

Band - Band Shirt, Black Shoes, Black Pants, Black socks




Division Contact Info

Dominic Place
#103 - 433 4th Street N.E.
Weyburn, SK S4H 0Y8

Sacred Heart Contact Info

1846 Gibbs Road
Estevan, SK. S4A 1Y2

Sacred Heart