Staff MemberPositionGradeE-Mail Address
Mrs. Amber Hilstrom Principal  
Mrs. Tereen Beriault Teacher Pre K
Mme Michella Prokop Teacher KF
Mrs. Lakyn Kallis Teacher KE / LF  
Mrs. Lynda Kreklewich Teacher 1E
Mme. Kaitlyne Graham Teacher  1F
Mrs. Rhonda Schell Teacher 1/2E
Mr. Patrick Fokam Teacher 2F
Mrs. Brianna Rezansoff Teacher 3E
Mme Jeannette Seemann Teacher 3F
Mrs. Michelle Adams Teacher 4E
Mme Janique Wilson Teacher 4/5F
Mrs. Yuliya Kistanov Teacher 5/6E
Mme Margot Péloquin Teacher 6F
Mr. Mark Moriarty Teacher Phys.Ed
Mrs. Megan Vanstone Teacher 6/7E
Mrs. Christa Walton Teacher 7/8E
Mme Nancy Bourbonnais Teacher 7/8F
 Mrs. Corinne Kuchinka Teacher  Band   
Mrs. Brenda Sehn   Counsellor
Mrs. Jane Moriarty   LF
 Mme Nicole Dupuis   LF

School Programs

CSCC Next Meeting

April10, 2018 @ 8:00PM

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No School

March 30 - April 6, 2018    

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Never Stop Milk Program

Never Stop Milk We are well underway with our school milk program and are pleased to report that most of our SH/SC students regularly "Drink Milk" with their lunches.  Milk Coupons for...

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CSCC Projects


Meetings are held here at Sacred Heart School in the Library, every 1st Tuesday of the month.  Start time 8:00pm

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Meetings are held every first Tuesday of every month at 8:00pm in the Library.

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