Staff MemberPosition
Mrs. Janine Waldner Secretary / NHS
Ms. Beth Murphy Caretaker
Mrs. Oksana Skorobohata Caretaker
Ms. Lisa Boles Caretaker
Mrs. Angele Skjonsby Librarian
Mrs. Michelle Lowe Educational Assistant / NHS
Mrs. Cindy Dalziel  Educational Assistant / NHS
Mrs. Subreena Kaban Educational Assistant
Miss Jessica Bath Educational Assistant / NHS
Ms. Tanya Skoczylas Educational Assistant
Mrs. Ashley Ginnis Educational Assistant / NHS
Mrs. Bonnie Strutt Educational Assistant
Mrs. Chantelle Turner Educational Assistant / NHS
Ms. Amanda Perrson Butterfly Bus Driver 
Mrs. Jocelyn Weinrauch Snowman Bus Driver
Mrs. Stephanie Dukart Apple Bus Driver
Mrs. Susan Bath Noon Hour Supervisor

School Programs

CSCC Next Meeting

April10, 2018 @ 8:00PM

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No School

March 30 - April 6, 2018    

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Never Stop Milk Program

Never Stop Milk We are well underway with our school milk program and are pleased to report that most of our SH/SC students regularly "Drink Milk" with their lunches.  Milk Coupons for...

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CSCC Projects


Meetings are held here at Sacred Heart School in the Library, every 1st Tuesday of the month.  Start time 8:00pm

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Meetings are held every first Tuesday of every month at 8:00pm in the Library.

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