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Inclusion and Intervention Plans

Inclusion and Intervention Plan

What are Inclusion and Intervention Plans (IIPs)?

Children learn in different ways and at different rates. Sometimes children need individualized supports in order to reach their potential. IIPs are planning documents that describe a child’s unique individualized plan. These plans are created by parents/guardians, teachers and others who may support the child and will outline the supports and services your child will receive.

As a Parent

You play a critical role as an advocate for your child. You can provide valuable information about your child’s strengths, interests and needs, and provide insight into any concerns that your child may have.

What Are the Benefits of My Child
Having an IIP?

  • Your child’s strengths and abilities are being recognized and built upon.
  • Your child will receive supports and services to help them reach their potential.
  • Your child’s accomplishments are being documented to support successful future planning.
  • The plan supports your child’s independence, growth and peer interactions. 
  • Your child will have a detailed plan when moving into the next grade, school or community.

Parental Involvement

Supports for your child begin with you working together with your child’s teacher. You and your child’s teacher will discuss your child’s strengths, abilities and needs, and decide if involving additional support(s) would be beneficial. Additional support could include some or all of the following: student support teacher, administration, supporting professionals, human service agencies and community organizations.

As a Team Member

  • Ensure that you have been introduced to all members of the team and are aware of theirroles.
  • Support your child by being an active member of the team.
  • Provide information about your child.
  • Share your goals for your child.

IIP Planning Process: What Parents/Guardians Can Expect

During the collaborative IIP planning process the team usually:

  • reviews information from previous meetings;
  • discusses your child’s strengths, abilities, interests and needs;
  • shares important assessment information;
  • identifies what your child needs in order to have a successful school year;
  • creates plans or outcomes for the areas that are being supported by the team;
  • discusses how these plans or outcomes will be met;
  • creates a plan to support your child when moving from one situation to another, one grade to the next or moving to a different school; and,
  • decides when to report on the plans or outcomes.

Inclusion and Intervention Plan

How Parents/Guardians Can Prepare for an IIP Meeting

Before the Meeting

  • Ask your child’s teacher or student support teacher, who will be attending the meeting.
  • Let the school know if you have any personal needs (i.e., accessibility).
  • Jot down some of your thoughts or write a list of topics that you would like to discuss.
  • List your child’s strengths and needs.
  • Consider bringing along someone who knows your child well, if you would like to have additional support.

During the Meeting

  • Share what you see as being important for your child and what goals are important to you.
  • Share what has worked and what has not worked at home.
  • If something is not clear ask for clarification.

After the Meeting

Make sure you have answers for the following questions.

  • How can I support my child to meet the outcomes?
  • What will happen if my child is not showing progress with a specific outcome?
  • When will the next meeting be scheduled to review the plans or outcomes?

Why am I involved in the IIP process?

Parents/guardians are critical members of the school team. You provide information that helps to ensure continuity in programming for your child. You contribute information that is essential to planning and can help reinforce the outcomes at home.

What if I have a concern or question?

You can contact your child’s school and ask to speak to your child’s teacher, the student support teacher and/or administrator. For more information download the ministry document 

Actualizing a Needs-Based Model found at

Can my child pursue post-secondary education if they have an IIP?

Yes, if your child meets the entrance criteria for the institution. Having an IIP may also assist your child in accessing supports at the post-secondary level.

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