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Board Meeting Highlights


Board Meeting Highlights

November 22, 2023

  • Alec Couros presented the potential and implications of using generative AI, such as ChatGPT, in teaching & learning. Dr. Alec Couros is currently serving as the Director of the Centre for Teaching and Learning at the University of Regina. He also holds the position of Professor of Education Technology and Media in the Faculty of Education. Dr. Couros is an internationally recognized leader, innovator and speaker who has given hundreds of keynote speeches. Perhaps just as special and important ... he is a prairie-raised boy who chooses to raise his own family and work in our capital city of Regina! He is passionate about digital citizenship, critical media literacy, open education and networked learning. He generously shares stories of his work with artificial intelligence and provides valuable suggestions for the use of AI in our school settings.
  • The annual organizational meeting was held, with Bruno Tuchscherer declared Board Chair and Jerome Sidloski as Deputy Board Chair. Board committees for the year were also decided.
  • Board Chair and Director reviewed meetings held with Catholic Bishops, various politicians and the Public Board Caucus.
  • The Board Chair shared highlights from the SSBA Fall Assembly, including the status of the proposed bylaw amendment and resolutions voted on at the AGM. The SSBA legal services available to school divisions was reviewed.
  • The ministry’s recent announcement of the change to graduation requirements for students was discussed.
  • The outline of the work that is proposed provincially to implement the Provincial Education Plan was discussed.
  • Trustees on the Teacher Liaison Committee met with school representatives. The feedback on the progress of the 2023-24 school year from the teachers representing their schools was very positive.
  • Holy Family will celebrate 20 years in 2024. In 2004, Estevan Roman Catholic Separate School Division no. 27 and St. Olivier Roman Catholic Separate School Division no. 12 amalgamated with Weyburn Roman Catholic Separate School Division no. 84 to become Holy Family Roman Catholic Separate School Division #140. Preliminary plans to mark 20 years were discussed.
  • The details on the Board Retreat planned for December 2, 2023 were discussed.
  • The Board approved revisions to their Board policy GP-8 Code of Conduct.
  • The Board approved the following motions:

Motion: “THAT $30,000 for the anticipated 2024-25 Notre Dame tuition subsidy be reclassified as designated assets - other from the 2024-25 unrestricted surplus.”

Motion: “THAT the 2022-23 Audited Financial Statements be approved as presented pending minor changes made after format and approval is received from the Ministry.”                 

Motion: “THAT the 2022-23 designated assets capital projects $19,582.00 and other $2,900,255.00 for total designated assets of $2,919,837.00 be approved as presented.”

Motion: “THAT the 2022-23 Annual Report be approved as presented pending minor changes.”

  • The Director updated the Board with information provided by local Medical Health Officer on the status of communicable illness in the south east.
  • The School Division office will be closed over the Christmas holidays. The office will close at end of day on Dec. 22nd and reopen on Jan. 3rd, 2024.
  • Next regular meeting of the Board is December 13, 2023.


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